Introducing two brothers and high school friend Romel, Noel, and D'Mon collectively known as RND, now RND Officially. Natives of Chicago, Illinois now residing in Michigan. RND come from a family with a musical background. Having the desire to perform since birth Romel and Noel campaigned their father until he no longer could deny their enormous talent and love for R&B. Given the gift of beautiful harmony making music, choreographing dance moves, and songwriting, all of which they do on their own. With a musical father Big Mel former member of Public Announcement. In 2013, they were dubbed RND later RND Officially with long time high school friend D'Mon becoming the final piece of the puzzle to complete the picture. They have been meticulously active and preparing their careers with their current single "See You Tomorrow" making waves. Opening up for major acts such as: Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, and Bow Wow. Winning their first Coast 2 Coast Showcase in Detroit becoming members of the Winner's Circle landing them an invitation to the Championships in Miami as well as, performing for a myriad of shows and festivals during the festival season. With a dedicated team behind them, their adoring screaming fans, that Relentless Pursuit to protect the excellence of R&B music. with flair and incredible creative ability to mix, mingle, and fuse different genres with R&B. RND Officially will truly cause PANDEMONIUM.